Military Reunion Network Visits Pueblo


June 10th and 11th 2021, about 25 members of The Military Reunion Network visited Pueblo after their convention in Colorado Springs.

The Pueblo Chamber of Commerce hosted the group to help show them the easy access and warm welcome any military and retired military will get here in Pueblo, Colorado…”Home of Heroes”. Pueblo has hosted two Congressional Medal of Honor Society conventions (2000 and 2017).

The Military Reunion Network group toured the Center for American Values, the Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, had refreshments on a boat ride on Pueblo’s Riverwalk, viewed Veteran’s Bridge and of course, spent time at the Medal of Honor Plaza where over 3,500 Medal of Honor recipients are listed on the granite wall behind four bronze 8 ½’ sculptures of Pueblo’s Medal of Honor recipients: William J. Crawford, Carl L. Sitter, Raymond “Jerry” Murphy, and Drew D. Dix.

The ease of getting from the connecting Marriott hotel to the Pueblo Convention Center, to the Riverwalk, the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center, Union Avenue Historic District and several museums was apparent to all who attended.

After the visit, Sharon Danitschek, President of the Military Reunion Network invited Paulette Stuart to be on her podcast. Paulette is President of the Home of Heroes Association and was the host committee chairman for both of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Conventions held in Pueblo. Attached here is a connection to this 30-minute interview about Pueblo and the impact these Medal of Honor conventions have had on Pueblo’s citizens, especially the youth.

The Pride Passion and Patriotism in Pueblo Colorado



Pueblo Home of Heroes Association
honors the Pueblo Veteran’s Ritual Team as
2019 Pueblo Patriotic Citizen’s of the Year


Commander John Saenz, Vice Commander Sal Torres, 1st Sgt. Savion Lira, Co-Founder Joe Rodriguez, Eddie Bedlien, Bob Begel, Ray Brown, Al Duran, Mike Gallardo, Henry Lefebre, Ernie Lucero, Manuel Marez, Ken Mestas, Ken Montoya, Hank Saladana and Larry Sisneros

As one of the oldest Veterans Ritual Teams in the country, the Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team assists over 200 of our nation’s service families every year. The group is comprised of former service men and women who continue to serve the community by providing military funeral services for many of the area’s fallen heroes. The Team supports disabled veterans, widows and orphans of deceased veterans by comforting the families after the loss, entertaining service members while in the hospital plus education and homeless programs, military protocols, patriotism and any other assistance required.
Through their continual service in the community they have had a immense impact as public ambassadors for veterans and the Armed forces.
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While over the years many individuals and groups have volunteered with military events and the Medal of Honor conventions, The Pueblo Home of Heroes Association has honored some outstanding people with the Patriotic Citizen of the Year Award.


2015, John Verna was presented with the Patriotic Citizen of the Year Award as he retired from the helm of the Pueblo Home of Heroes Association after working with the organization since it’s inception. He was part of the team in bidding for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society convention for Pueblo in 2000, his work as a City Councilman helped ensure that Pueblo began using “Home of Heroes” in it’s marketing, he helped with the Home of Heroes signage on I-25 North and South of town, and was a tireless leader and fundraiser for the organization.


2011, school teacher Ray LeMasters was presented with the award for his outstanding work at East High School especially on Veteran’s Day by creating a yearly program for the student body which, in part, shows a portion of a video about one of Pueblo’s Medal of Honor recipients. The video is a series created by Brad Padula, The Media Center, featuring William Crawford, Carl Sitter, Raymond “Jerry” Murphy, and Drew Dix. LeMasters shows one each year so that by the time the students have completed their four years of high school they will have seen all four videos. He works tirelessly within the Veteran Community on projects especially for homeless vets.



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