Pueblo Home of Heroes Association
honors the Pueblo Veteran’s Ritual Team as
2019 Pueblo Patriotic Citizen’s of the Year

Commander John Saenz, Vice Commander Sal Torres, 1st Sgt. Savion Lira, Co-Founder Joe Rodriguez, Eddie Bedlien, Bob Begel, Ray Brown, Al Duran, Mike Gallardo, Henry Lefebre, Ernie Lucero, Manuel Marez, Ken Mestas, Ken Montoya, Hank Saladana and Larry Sisneros

As one of the oldest Veterans Ritual Teams in the country, the Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team assists over 200 of our nation’s service families every year. The group is comprised of former service men and women who continue to serve the community by providing military funeral services for many of the area’s fallen heroes. The Team supports disabled veterans, widows and orphans of deceased veterans by comforting the families after the loss, entertaining service members while in the hospital plus education and homeless programs, military protocols, patriotism and any other assistance required.
Through their continual service in the community they have had a immense impact as public ambassadors for veterans and the Armed forces.
Photo Gallery


Photo of Medal of Honor Recipients
Thursday, September 14, 2017
Pueblo Medal of Honor Memorial:

L-R – Lower Row seated: Ronald Rosser, Joe Jackson, Roger Donlon, Hiroshi Miyamura, Clint Romesha, Jack Jacobs
L-R- Middle Row: Charles Kettles, Paul Bucha, Robert Patterson, Gordon Roberts, James McCloughan, Pat Brady, Michael Fitzmaurice, Drew Dix, Hershel Williams, Jay Vargas, Harold Fritz, Robert Modrzejewski, James Taylor, Bennie Adkins.
L-R- Third Row: Michael Thornton, Thomas Norris, Don Jenkins, Charles Hagemeister, Brian Thacker, Robert Foley, John Baca, Bruce Crandell, Gary Littrell, Tom Kelley, Leroy Petry, Donald Ballard
L-R – Top Row: Florent Groberg, H.C. Barney Barnum, Ty Carter, Ed Byers, Sammy Davis, Walter “Joe” Marm
Also attended but not in this photo: Robert O’Malley, William Swenson and Sal Giunta


Photo of Ladies that accompanied the
Medal of Honor Recipients
Saturday, September 16, 2017:

L-R – Front Row: Tori Doell (Sally Jackson’s daughter), Norma Donlon, Mary Fritz, Martha Hill (Barnum), Deborah Marm, Rosemond Jackson, June Hedges, Donnell Baker
L-R – Second Row: Julie Foley, Ashley Petry, Rainey Thornton, Theresa Norris, Susan Jacobs, Sandra Swanson, Mary Ann Blake (Adkins Daughter), Mary Adkins
L-R – Back row: Kathlyn (Sally ) Jackson, Patricia Pittman, Diane Modrzejewski, Pamela Lovell , Cheryl Angus (guest of Morris), Cherie McCloughan, Dixie Davis, Bridget Jones (Susan Swanson’s daughter), Megan Miyamura ( Hershey’s granddaughter), Carsen Zarin, Linda Patterson



Remodeled MOH Display

The display inside the Pueblo Convention Center honoring Pueblo’s four Medal of Honor recipients has be updated. The three faded background photos have been replaced, all new LED lighting has been installed, attractive fabric has been installed over the floor and a new light and sound controller installed. The most noticeable change is how much brighter the overall display is due to the new lighting.


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